The Godsim

Curiosity killed Schrodinger’s cat

For most of the past two weeks I’ve been staring at my screen tapping away, like a lunatic, at a bunch of cubes on my screen for no obvious reason. I’m talking about a game called “Curiosity: What’s inside the Cube” on the Google Play & iTunes markets.   Now luckily that’s not what I’m going to delve into as this page would be about four lines long… so just download it yourself and see what it is (Warning: It’s ridiculously addictive and will possess your free moments!).

What we’re looking at this week is the God Sim, which, for those not aware of the genre (don’t blame you as there’s not been a decent one on a major platform for a while), is a game based on you controlling a world or group of people to bend to your will, which is usually domination of a planet, solar  system or galaxy in some cases.

These games have come in many types from controlling a tribe of warriors and assisting them with your godly abilities, to an entire star fleet that would make Darth Vader’s empire look like a couple children fighting over a 3DS. These games were often fun and guaranteed to be epic once you got big enough to take on more than one enemy at once. A particular favourite of mine was Populous: The Beginning, this was a classic if you was me.  It had all the great things you want in a God Sim. Simple ideas (destroy the opposing tribe), awesome spells for your god, from a deadly swarm of bees, to a Angel of Death. All very biblical. All we need now is fire and brimstone…oh that’s right you also had a volcano spell, and finally it was challenging to say the least! Even with the cheats to give you all the spells and buildings you still found yourself teetering on the edge on destruction in the later levels if you were too rash.  However when you did destroy your enemy you felt like jumping off the couch, and sacrificing a small mammal in celebration… well I did anyway (For those do gooders I didn’t actually kill any small animals during my teens… I just thought about it)

Pass me the marshmallow

Populous along with Black and White and the Civilisation games were once the staple of any discerning gamers collection, but it seems these games have fallen by the wayside in recent years so lets see why. Firstly why be the overseer of an epic battle when there are games that can give you the feeling of being right in the middle of it. Games like Call of Duty are excellent at making you feel right in the fight and that it really is a life or death situation and also there’s a sense of reality to it. So judging by the sales figures of COD games if  WW3 ever breaks out I’m expecting all you CODers to keep me safe and win the war within at most six hours!  I, however, prefer the sense of power you get with godsims. The sense of that naughty corrupting feeling where you  know that if you wanted to you could just destroy your own tribe on a whim for no reason whatsoever. Black and White took this even further!  You had a pet and you could be good to it and it would become a benevolent kind master of the tribes it would be responsible for. OR you could basically beat it senseless and turn it into a beast so corrupt and evil even Lucifer wouldn’t touch it.  Morally questionable? Probably. Hours of fun? Certainly!            The AI in these games was admittedly virtually non-existent and once you spotted the patterns you would easily win, but it was a few years ago remember and this side of games has come a long way now.  So I dread to think how hard populous would be if a new instalment was to be made.

Who’s a cute kitty!

Now this is where the cube tapping lunacy Curiosity comes in because it is made by a developer called 22Cans, which in turn is ran by a certain Peter Molyneaux, who (it just so happens) created Populous and Black and White, Dungeon Keeper amongst others. In a way he’s the God of the Godsims and he’s working on a project at the moment called Godus, it’s a Godsim which isn’t giving too much away right now but apparently the multi player feature is a key one. The thought of commanding  my army to war against 3, 4, 10 other gods is making me want to buy lots of small mammals again for when I win. It’s looking like Godus will usher in a new ear of wanton destruction on a planetary scale like the classic games we know and love….I hope.  The reason I say I hope is because they’re funding it from Kickstarter. Now there’s no question this is THE best way to get backing and publicity for developers who want to avoid publishers who would try and bend, twist and profit from the game and change it from the pure unsullied and often brilliant idea by it’s creator. So what’s the big problem then? Well, like I’ve been saying, people these days don’t seem to desire Godsims any more. I remember when Theme Hospital came out me and my friends played it for weeks! I still play it now!

These days unless it’s got gore, sex or massive weapons of doom (preferably all three) people aren’t interested. Just look at the thing people put them through when COD Black Ops 2 came out just so they could be the first over the top of the trench so to speak.  I can’t imagine Godus causing that sort of civil insanity. I’m not saying it’ll be crap, I want this game succeed so much! I’m just worried that they won’t get the funding to realise all the parts of this game just because it hasn’t got a zombie or a walter PPK in it.

So to wrap up, download curiosity and get tapping and also donate to Godus’ kickstarter!

Cheerio my minions 😉


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