Five aweosme Christmas gifts

Stuck for a last minute Christmas gift for a geeky gamer in your life? Check out the five games below to give this Christmas (Or Keep yourself). In no particular order I may add.

1) Amnesia: The Dark Decent (

Terror 2.0

Terror 2.0

This game is not for the faint hearted, in fact it’s ill advised for anyone really! One of the most spine chilling games ever created. You wake in a Castle with no memory of how you got there or what you’re supposed to do. Soon you realise there’s more to this place than simple cobwebs and suits of armour. It has an atmosphere and a feel like no other horror game you’ll play (or not our of fear) ever again…put simply it makes silent hill look like a comedy!

2) Terraria (

Sideways Mining

Sideways Mining

Beautiful 2D take on Minecraft. What this game lacks in dimensions it more than makes up for in fun and challenges! check out our full review if you want to know more but suffice to say if you love mining games and adventure platformers then this game is for you!  With a lovely musical score too you’re guaranteed to shun the real life to play this.

3) Portal (

Portal to fun!

Portal to fun!

Probably one of the best games of the 2000’s, and probably like nothing you’ve ever played this game is a masterpiece. You take on the role of a “tester” apparently destined to complete tests for GLaDOS a maniacal sentient robot. You have to use your portal gun and that big grey lump in your head to solve the puzzles and find a way out before GLaDOS kills you!

4) Portal 2 (

Holey cow!

Holey cow!

I promise I’m not getting commission from Valve! These games are just THAT good! After playing the first it’s hard to see where you can go with the format of a game like this without endless puzzles. That is where I was wrong in a big way! This sequel is one of those rare games that is actually better than the first! This time you learn more about Aperture Science’s past and some dark secrets are unveiled.  More fun, more creative, more companion cubes! But no cake!

5) Triple Town (

four sided frenzy!

four sided frenzy!

A delightful tile based puzzler game, this will have you addicted quicker than crystal meth. You have to grow your city by lining up same tiles which combine to make a new tile! That is if the pesky bears don’t blight your progress! Well worth a click! Just don’t blame us if your cat dies, spouse leaves or boss fires you due to neglect!

So there you are, five awesome games for you to buy your friends, family or just greedily keep to yourself (and we don’t blame you!). So merry Christmas to you from all the little fish here!


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