Galaxy Hero

Platforms: Android

Price: Free!

Galaxy Hero

This week I’ve had a strange yearning for a good old scrolling space shooter type game.  So I decided to fire up R-Type III. Within minutes  I was dead.  Simply because that game is impossible to complete I believe (more because I’m crap at it probably). This got me wondering whether those types of games are still around and being made, partly because I couldn’t bare to play R-Type again an embarrass myself twice in a row.

Now I know I’ve not seen any on the shelves of the local gaming dispensary recently. Plus if I did they’d be charging an amount similar to debt owed by Greece no doubt just to buy the game I’m sure.  So I decided to have a look on my app store.  Now it’s fair to say that I never hold out much hope with the app stores as I’ve yet to find a decent game that has any real depth and no mechanism to keep you payking for add-ons and extras. “Zynga style profiteering” I call it.

It does seem that recently any game you download from Google Play, iTunes or other such app markets that claims to be free actually has either A) an amount of advertising that even American’s would call excessive or B) a way of making progress in the game near impossible without putting your hand in your pocket…Shame on you people!!!

Anyway sorry about that… I feel better now.

Green, Green grass of destruction

Green, Green grass of destruction

So soon enough I found a game that seemed to be the exact type of thing I was looking for. It’s call Galaxy Hero and it’s actually really fun! The graphics are simple and retro and the controls are easy! It starts you off on a kind of training level to get you going, now when you first play it you’ll probably think it’s slow and sluggish movements is a let down. Don’t give up, once you’ve completed a few levels and upgraded your ship you’ll be whizzing along shooting the crap out of things in no time! It’s also got a lovely world (actually space) map that you travel around on unlocking more worlds to reign destruction and hell fire on! The weapons are ok, I do fell that more add ons could have been included as I’ve only come across two different ones so far. Saying that the weapon system is still very reminiscent of R-Type. As you progress you pick up new “beams” these are your main weapons and like R-Type these evolve over time, not by power ups though, but by the number of enemies you kill.  Before you know it you’ll be causing more damage to a planet than BP or General Motors ever could.  However the game is rather easy to play and even the bosses aren’t really that challenging, and trust me I’m terrible at these games so if I can beat them I’m sure someone who is half decent at them will be able to play this asleep whilst blindfolded using telepathy… probably.

So I was overjoyed when I discovered the “Colosseum” mode.  This is basically an endless mode where you see how far you can get and try to beat your score each time and you get some unique items by reaching certain milestones too. Plus the points and Xp you pick up here can be used to better your campaign mode.

The whole game has a kind of simplicity and fun to it that is directly akin to the R-Type and Ikaruga (an epic game if you’ve never played it). And to be honest the difficulty doesn’t bother me too much as it’s makes me feel like I’m just awesome at the game rather than it being too easy.

The world/Space Map.

The world/Space Map.

Now this is all well and good but the game does have some slightly major faults that could put people off.  Firstly and most importantly the game is quite glitchy. Now I was playing it on Jellybean 4.2.1 android so it could be that as it’s only a few weeks old OS but there is a particular glitch with your save file you should know.  It will seem like it hasn’t saved when you go back to play it, when in fact it has.  You have to force stop the game, clear data and cache in your settings and then go back to it and your save will be there.  Not ideal really and it panics me every time as I think one day it won’t come back.  But at least you know how to solve it now eh! Also the music is average at best, now don’t get me wrong I’m not expecting award winning stuff but I found it more of an annoyance than a compliment to the game.

So to wrap up the game is glitchy and rough around the edges BUT don’t let this stop you installing it. The game really is fun and you can always increase the difficulty if you’re finding it too easy.  It was made by one person (FoppyOmega) as far as I can tell and not once does it ask you to share with 10 million friends or buy an add on to progress to the next stage so for me it’s a winner! Here’s a link to the app for you (I do spoil you lot)

Fun 5/5

Graphics 4/5

Music 2/5


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